equine america powderBone health is a very important aspect to equine care. It is a major concern for horses, athletic or not. Owners have to make sure that this matter is given adequate attention or risk injury or worse death of the animal. Today we’ll be tackling more on this subject with Equine America as well as tips on how to ensure healthy bones for your horses.

To start, let’s first establish the importance of a healthy skeletal system. The bones serve as the foundation or supporting block for the rest of the body, allowing for movement. It would be impossible for horses to function as they are without it as muscles won’t have a base to cling to. Moreover, the skeleton protects several organs, acts as a mineral storage and works in the production of blood.

Now, how do owners help maintain bone care?

  • Choose feeds that provide for adequate nutrients. – When repeated stress is experienced, certain bones in the body grow denser to provide more strength and power on the particular muscle area or limb. However, this becomes impossible if there are inadequate nutrients in the body. Because of certain factors, grasslands no longer provide all the nutrients needed by horses so it would be wise to choose feeds that do.
  • Provide for relevant supplements. – Apart from adequate levels and the right type of feeds, supplements must also be provided. Horses, considering the nature of the activities that they are exposed to, can receive excessive stress. Supplements that aid in joint care are only some of the many care essentials in this category.
  • Maintain a clean and safe environment. – Stables must be constructed in such a way that they are safe. All hazards must be removed to avoid any accidents from occurring. Remember that even the slightest of injuries can harm horses. Not only can it cause temporary damage and delay in training particularly for racing and riding horses, they too might lead to permanent damage or worse, death.
  • Ensure regular checkups. – Just like any other animal, equine care requires that owners schedule and practice regular health checkups. It is crucial that all concerns should be addressed accordingly and as early as possible to avoid aggravating the situation. Make sure that you have a vet at the ready. Don’t wait until something happens before you connect with a professional. It’s always better to have one that you can immediately dial.

That’s all for now and we hope that you found our tips with Equine America quite helpful. Click here for more info https://equi-box.co.uk.